Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 6th through 14th

I actually missed two whole days this week due to getting sick while I was in the capital for some med checkup stuff so sorry not to have updated in a little while. This week was a rough week for our construction process. We are definitely still on track but we are losing a little momentum as far as parents coming to help out. We had about 1 person per day as an average this week, a little worse than last week. But I am confident that once the children start school again (the 23rd of January), we will have a lot more help and at least we can get a ton of kids to fill up bottles, help which we desperately need. I have had a couple of kids come by and help me fill bottles this week but we only have about 62 bottles that are completely ready to go for the classroom. We have a ton of bottles that are halfway or partially full, so I am not worried about collecting more bottles, it´s just filling them that has me a little worried. But I am trying to keep thinking positively and having positive manifestationsJ.
We have finished half of all the walls for the whole classroom minus putting up the chicken wire and the bottles of course. We are finishing the very last horizontal column that goes as a supporting beam that goes in the middle of the walls today and next week we should be starting to put up the chicken wire and putting on the bottles! The chicken wire is the part that I am most interested in seeing since it is a totally new concept and the key point of this project that makes it so unique and special. For those of you who don’t already know: for this classroom we are substituting plastic bottle stuffed with plastic trash for bricks and in this way are helping out the environment and building a classroom at a more than 25% lower cost than a traditional classroom. We have to put chicken wire on both sides of the walls, which are secured with metal pins that are laid into the columns before the concrete is even poured and then we tie the bottles one by one to the chicken wire. Once one side is done and the bottles are secured, we place another piece of chicken wire on the inside part of the wall but we use metal pins and a metal rebar that is weaved (as far as I know) into the chicken wire to have it sit snug against the bottles. I will be including pictures next week so don’t worry J. I am super excited for next week because I have been waiting to see this step of the construction process in person since May of 2011 when I first started talking to the NGO Hug it Forward, which came up with this whole amazing idea. More to come soon!

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