Monday, January 9, 2012

Days four and five of Bottle School Project

January 4th and 5th 2012 – Days four and five

On Friday I went into San Salvador to have a meeting at the PC office with an agricultural supply store to see if they would be interested in helping out with the Bottle School project in my community. I met some representatives from this agroservicio in the beginning of November at an agricultural university called La ENA (Escuela National de Agricultura). They had expressed interest in helping out with the Bottle School project and thus we made a date to meet. The meeting went so well and we actually managed to create an idea for a future project: since this agroservicio sells a lot of agro chemicals in bottles about the same size and shape that we use now to build Bottle Schools, they came up with the idea to recycle those bottles (after they had been through a rigorous process of washing) to build a classroom in La ENA since they have a good working relationship with them. The funny thing about their idea was that I have already had a conversation with La ENA separately to talk about the possibility of building a vocational training center using the Bottle School method. So maybe in the future we will get all the bottles for the vocational training center from this company! It would be an amazing future collaboration so we´ll see.

Today we worked some more on the foundation but we finally were able to put down our first cinder blocks down to anchor the foundation where the walls will be built on top of. I still can´t believe this project is happening and moving along at such a good pace. The only downside today was that none of the representatives for parents showed up but since its Saturday I really wasn’t that surprised. Hopefully Monday we will have more luck.

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