Friday, April 20, 2012

Newest Pictures from Bottle School Project

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to update you all since I havent written in a while. We as Peace Corps Volunteers are not allowed into the capital anymore unless we are there for med reasons, so I havent been able to update adn post pictures for some time, sorry about that. But I am here for a day and thought I would just post the most recent photos I have. We are actually even more far along than these pictures show but I need to get around to organizing the pictures. We are almost finished with the plastering of the walls and now are working on putting down a little walkway outside of the classroom for the mud/rainy season and then we will be painting and putting in the electricity! We have also started a school garden project behind the bottle classroom so that the students can add new fruits and veggies to their school lunches!

Thanks to all of you who read this and thanks so much to all the donors who helped make this project a reality! Will post more pictures next week when I am in the capital to wrap up my PC service. But dont worry, the project WILL be finished before I leave (May 12th!).

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