Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Beauty of a Hot Bath

So PST2 (training session part 2 of Peace Corps) ended last week and it was a stress filled (in a good way) week. We learned a lot of technical things to bring back to our sites but I also felt really overwhelmed and maybe my Spanish has regressed a little. It definitely gave me a new spring of energy and confidence about some projects in my community. It was also great to go back to my site afterwards and be really happy to be back. I am starting to feel like my community is more and more like my home. I actually missed my host family and the sounds of the campo. I even missed the stating the obvious conversations that we have in the campo every day.
And a week later, here I am, back in the capital for the celebration of Thanksgiving. A lot of the volunteers (myself included of course) are staying with embassy families for the holiday and so far we have been having a great time. I am staying with my friends Anna and David with a great family. The wife is actual a RPCV ((Returned Peace Corps Vol) from Africa and we have been having a great time talking and exchanging stories. They made us a fabulous lunch of spinach salad and we just had lasagna for dinner with warm apple pie and vanilla hagendas ice cream! I definitely ate way too much but it was so worth it. They even have a dog that the wife brought back with her from Africa. That makes me think that I should definitely adopt that puppy that my neighbor is saving for me!
The best part of the night, so far at least, has been the bathtub. They have a jacuzzi tub in their embassy house and I soaked away about two months of dirt and grim and it was AMAZING!! Thats one of the things I have missed the most about the states: soaking in a hot bath while reading a book. Tomorrow we will be hanging out at the embassy, swimming, and then joining some other embassy families for a good ol fashioned American Thanksgiving dinner! SO excited!

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